Grandma-taught, Momma-taught & self-taught baker with a passion for flavor & texture & creativity.  

I honed my cake-skillz over years of carefully crafted birthday cakes for my loved ones.  My favorite thing to do is create multi-layered recipes with specific people & their specific tastebuds in mind. 

I've dreamed of opening a bakery for many years & began selling cakes from my home for a little while.  I've since taken a break from the hustle & now focus on baking for fun & love.

I have been unemployed since March 15th and understand the struggle.  When I heard about this bakesale for the Central TX Foodbank, I knew it was a small way I could help.

Lindsey's Bakes: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake (6in layer cake, 6-8 servings)

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes (dozen, 12 servings)

I am so excited about this project. I get to share my love for baking with a good cause.  My love for baking came from my great grandmother when I was a child. I loved watching her use the combination of chemistry and love that created the perfect tasty treat.

I cannot wait to share this family recipe coconut cake with you! And the Peanut Butter Cookies? So Soft and chewy- full of Peanut Butter goodness. it is now my favorite cookie recipe.

Valoneecia's Bakes: Coconut Cake, Peanut Butter Cookies

Hey everyone, Rommel here. I’m a local architect and actor but the blood of bakers runs through my veins. My grandfather was a professional baker, aunts, uncles, cousins and my sister all bake. We have family recipes I’m still learning but what would a bake sale for the CTFB be without some sourdough? So we're staying old school with the loaf that gluten built! 

I work from an aged starter given to me by a friend who himself makes a mean loaf but this time I think I’ll feed it some rye and Manuka honey. I work a high-hydration dough, French slap-and-fold kneading technique, overnight proofed in bannetons and double-baked in Dutch ovens. Except for the honey, it’s flour, water, salt … and time. Simple. Tasty.

Rommel's Bake: Sourdough Bread

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