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Rommel Sulit

Rommel Sulit

Hey everyone, Rommel here. I’m a local architect and actor but the blood of bakers runs through my veins. My grandfather was a professional baker, aunts, uncles, cousins and my sister all bake. We have family recipes I’m still learning but what would a bake sale for the CTFB be without some sourdough? So we're staying old school with the loaf that gluten built! 

I work from an aged starter given to me by a friend who himself makes a mean loaf but this time I think I’ll feed it some rye and Manuka honey. I work a high-hydration dough, French slap-and-fold kneading technique, overnight proofed in bannetons and double-baked in Dutch ovens. Except for the honey, it’s flour, water, salt … and time. Simple. Tasty.

Rommel's Bake: Sourdough Bread

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